Can You Wear White After Labor Day?

Wearing white after Labor Day – is it a fashion DON’T? We’ve all heard the mandate and wondered if it was true. 

The answer is NO. 

Wearing white year round is no longer taboo, but actually super fashionable! Whether you opt for winter white, cream or crisp nautical white, there's no reason to pack away your whites once fall arrives! A white blouse is a staple of any capsule wardrobe concept and a smart investment piece for year round wear. 

As with most things, fashion and style, the answer is not completely clear cut. Style is subjective. It’s art. And the beauty and/or stylishness is in the eye of the beholder. 

So, yes, there are “rules,” but there are almost always exceptions to those rules. That’s why it can be so confusing. 

Most importantly, there is one golden rule that trumps all of the other advice and trends you will ever hear. 

You. Be. You.

Wear what feels good and authentic to you! 


The History Behind the Rule. 

The concept behind not wearing white after labor day is connected to social class in NYC during the 19th century. New York did not have paved roads like current day, which would leave the city to get extremely dusty. Because of the dust, if you were a laborer and worked all day your clothes would get dirty. Those who wore white and linen in the summer wore them for many reasons, like to stay cooler, but also, those of the higher class could afford to wear white since they were not doing labor. 

However, as the saying goes - "When it comes to fashion, rules are meant to be broken." 

So, How Do You Wear White in the Cooler Months? 

Keep the following in mind.. 

  • Stick to thinker white fabrics like denim, cashmere, and leather.

  • Linen, gauze, and eyelet can be worn while the temperature is above 55 degrees, but when it gets any cooler than that, it’s time to store them away until next summer. 

  • Pair your post-September whites with more autumnal shades like camel, rust, chocolate, and cranberry. It helps the white pieces feel more seasonally appropriate. 

  • Keep your toes covered. If you’re wearing white in the fall, try mixing it with a bootie or a close-toed shoe. The juxtaposition of a more summery white item and more fall footwear strikes a nice balance, especially in transitional weather.

Some of our favorite looks: 

1. White on White: layer 'white on white' and add a pop of color like a statement bag! Nothing looks more elegant than all white! 


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2. Warm Neutrals: accent your whites with warm, rich fall colors like camel, chocolate brown or animal print! Adding in a cream shade is a great way to add a layer of color. 


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3. Black & White: Black leather is "oh so chic" and not just for urban wear.  Although white is typically a cool option for summer, a sleek black leather jacket paired with a little white dress or black leather pants with a pretty white top are great options! Add a clutch in a bold color, or rock a daring red lip for an extra level of fierceness! 

4. Denim and White: For a more casual look that never goes out of style, pair a crisp white button up with your favorite bootcut, skinny, or girlfriend jean. Add some gold jewelry to really stay on trend and you're set for a city walk! 

The Classic White Button Down Tunic